What is photo credibility and why does it matter?

Since the advent of digital photography in 1998, we have been photographing the world at an unprecedented pace. But digital photography has spawned new issues with photo credibility. It is becoming easier and easier to alter our photos, and we do it often, for a wide range of usually well-meaning reasons. However, will future generations see our photos as a trustworthy record of reality? more...

How does reflect photo credibility?

Here at we have integrated information about photo credibility into our photo uploading, sharing and exploring. When you upload your photos to our site, you are able to nominate whether your photo is unaltered, altered, or a photo illustration, and you can also describe what alterations you have made to your photo. When others view your photo, they will see what type of photo credibility you have stated for your photo. We have more plans for photo credibility mechanisms, so stay tuned!

Useful Links

These sites can provide you with more information on the ongoing developments in photo credibility and preservation: