Our Mission

Our mission is to be a respected and dynamic archive of Australian photography, providing photo credibility and preservation services and products.

Background is a project of Caldwell Pty Ltd, a company founded by Canberra photographers Sabrina and Brian Caldwell in 1999. The project was inspired by Sabrina's 2004-2008 PhD research at the Australian National University. As part of this research, Sabrina investigated the impact of technology on photographers and photographs, and became concerned about the often ignominious fate of digital photographs.

Rather than see millions of irreplaceable digital photos plummet over the digital cliff through obsolescence, unreliability or lack of archiving, the Caldwells decided to create an online service that focuses on photo credibility and preservation. was developed in 2008-9, and will be formally launched in November 2009. Along the way, received two business awards from the Australian National University, and was awarded a place in the AusIndustry sponsored Pyksis Commercialisation Program.